Disco Misery is a modern ballad about romanticising toxic relationships. The lust-infused track about dancing my way back to all the excruciating yet exciting nightlife drama, arguments, and kisses with the wrong people, when coming home to Warsaw from London. Disco Misery paints an image of pleasure that can be found somewhere between Mickiewicz's vision of unfulfilled love and the hedonistic autonomy promoted by the Beat Generation.

Creative Directors


mus warsaw is a creative collective created by Agata Witczak - set designer, Julia Kościeńska - costume designer, Weronika Zielińska – make-up artist, and Ola Kolankowska - photographer and producer.

  • Agata Witczak is a BA graduate of the Press, Advertising and Publishing Photography Department at the University of Warsaw and an MA graduate of the New Media Department at the Academy of Fine Arts.

  • Julia Kościeńska is a BA graduate of the Fashion Design Department at the Academy of Fine Arts and specializes in fashion design and styling.

  • Weronika Zielińska is a BA graduate of Warsaw School of Arts in Painting in Scenography Department and specializes in beauty makeup and special FX makeup.

  • Ola Kolankowska is a BA graduate of the Press, Advertising and Publishing Photography Department at the University of Warsaw and a BA student of Warsaw School of Film, specialized in film production. She is a production assistant in Papaya Films.

Their work begins with a creative idea and ends with its comprehensive fruition. Mus specializes in the production of music videos and short video forms, as well as in editorials and fashion campaigns. 'Disco Misery' music video is mus collective's debut as creative director.



Director and producer of documentaries, short fictional forms with festival potential, as well as social campaigns and music videos. He focuses on collaborations with young, ambitious artists and projects of high artistic value.



Marcin Gołąb, 1992, Film School in Katowice, cinematographer working on commercials and music videos, image creator for many school etudes. He is currently working on a documentary film in the Ukrainian Transcarpathia. His aesthetics are described as earthy but says that sometimes he can create something colourful. He loves to photograph, especially portraits. At work, he tries to work on a negative film. Privately, he is an avid sailor and snowboarder.



Mariusz Gos



Dance theatre actor, choreographer, and pedagogue. An alumna of the AST National Academy of Theatre Arts in Cracow, Bytom Department. She worked with Dawid Żakowski, Zofia Komasa, Rafał Urbacki, Jerzy Stuhr, Brian Michaels, Izabela Szostak, Sopot Dance Theatre, Sylwia Hefczyńska-Lewandowska, LAS group, Olga Chajdas, Magdalena Wójcik. She created choreography for shows such as LAST, Black SQR, River Show, Balladyna (dir. Dawid Żukowski), Hamlet no more, 2 Brown to Be Polish. She is currently working with Sztuka Nowa Association. Despite entering into the world of art, she never forgot about the hip-hop culture, which is still her ongoing source of inspiration. 

Music Producer



Solo beat project by a producer and DJ working with Czarny Koń, Lot, and Hurtkredo. Musically, he grew out of thrash metal and rap, then engaged in house, acid, jungle, footwork, techno, and experimental electronic music, and has come full circle to rap and thrash metal, collecting the best features along the way. Once, as a promoter/label head, he co-founded the BAS collective, now he focuses on his own work. He loves nature. Wants to get high.

Mix & Master


A musician, producer, and recording engineer. Performs with many exciting talents such as Atem or Pola Rise. In his free time, he builds electronic audio equipment and guitar effects, he also designs and manufactures studio furniture and accessories.




A graduate of the graphics department at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts, Art Director at Papaya Films, one of the founders of the Turnus collective, for several years has been organising exhibitions of works by young artists in the premises at Oleandrów 3. She takes a lot of analog photos, sometimes screen prints, recently with a friend she started her own design studio.

Hair Stylist


Paulina Grygierzec - Silesian, working in a renowned hairdressing salon in Warsaw. Additionally, working at the music video and photoshoot sets. An amateur tattoo artist and mother of a dog and four rats.